Can you benefit from the London Boiler Scheme?

Most things in London are expensive and if you ever have had any work in your house then there is lots of extras things to consider like parking and refuse collection. This is why the new London Boiler scheme launched and guided by Boris Johnson aims to not only offer you a more efficient boiler but a cleaner London and money off to boot. So how does the London Boiler scheme apply to you?

Firstly you need to live on the London region and secondly you need to have a really old boiler or one that is totally inefficient. These include permanent pilot, non-condensing and possibly really dangerous appliances.

The boiler world has moved on and old boilers cause more pollution and burn more gas. With the price of fuels probably never reducing as everything is becoming more expensive it is an ideal time to change your boiler.

The idea is to push and make up the difference in cost to get homeowners and landlords alike to make the change. There are also a few manufacturers like Baxi and Potterton who are offering great warranties of seven and ten years on their appliances to make the offering more attractive.

This is great as people are always worried about changing their thirty or forty year old boiler believing it will become less reliable. Old boilers have been great and the few that are still around where well-made and efficient at the time but wear and tear could make that appliance as little as 30-40% efficient.

This is a massive waste and with regards to permanent pilot that remain constantly on, like the standby on a TV, there need to be something done.

To find out of you qualify for the scheme please follow the link below.

The London Scrappage Scheme


There has never been a better time to replace your boiler and a great deal from Mr Central Heating combined with a London boiler cashback should mean you are getting the best heating for your house.