Our Top 5 boilers with the best warranty

The consumer world has become more demanding and why not if we are paying for it. Why not want the best. Within the heating world it is not all about price and when you choose the boiler that you require heating your home and providing you with all the hot water you need 365 days a year it is no wonder that it can be a difficult decision. This is why thousands of customers every year rely on Mr Central Heating to provide them with top quality advice. We are driven by you the consumer and the trends that you want and at the moment it is all about warranty.

Just like cars and other highly manufactured goods, boilers have become really well engineered and as long as you stick to the top manufacturers like Potterton, Baxi, Vaillant, Heatline, Vokera, Worcester and Ideal you are guaranteed to get a great boiler. Here at Mr Central Heating we believe that boilers can be tailored to what you want and your budget. This is why we offer a selection and although warranty is highly important it is all in the small print and we really think it is tied to the price. If the boiler is really expensive and it has a really long warranty is this the best option for all?

1. Heatline Capriz 28kW Combi

Heatline Capriz Plus 28kw condensing combi boiler clock & flue kit

  • 2YR Warranty
  • 100,000 BTU
  • £509 Inc VAT

Wow you are going to say! How is this in the top five with only a two year warranty? The answer is due to using Mr Central Heating’s rule of thumb and getting you the best boiler pound for pound. It is only a two year warranty but this is fully backed up by Vaillant Group Service and it is only £509 Inc VAT. This means you are paying a great price for two years piece of mind and there is extended warranties available. With all warranties on boiler you need to get the appliance serviced every year to qualify the warranty.

2. Ideal Vogue 40kW Combi

Ideal Vogue 40kW Combi

  • 10YR Warranty
  • 140,000 BTU
  • £1097 Inc VAT

The above boiler is an amazing price and performance. The warranty cost to cover this boiler for ten years has been dramatically reduced and by buying it all up front you can save money on any unwanted breakdown costs. Ideal boilers have made what is probably one of the most reliable boilers on the market and at a cost of just over £1000. This is amazing seeing as you will use this boiler 365 days a year for 10 years that is 3650 days of peace of mind. So using Mr C’s rule of thumb you have the best of both worlds with this one.

3. Baxi Platinum 24kW Combi


  • 10YR Warranty
  • 80,000 Btu
  • £907 Inc VAT

This boiler has been chosen because it suits the smaller property and is under £1000 so allows customer who has a limited budget but wants the security of a long warranty. The warranty is fully backed up by Baxi who have 260 service engineers throughout the country and is from a manufacturer that has over one hundred years of production in the UK.

4. Ideal Logic Plus 30kW Combi

Ideal Logic Plus 30kW Combi

  • 7YR Warranty
  • 100,000 Btu
  • £859 Inc VAT

This is a really popular boiler for Mr Central Heating and gets entered because the sales are driven by you and it ticks the boxes for a great warranty and a boiler at an affordable price. It is another combination boiler as these types of boilers make up 80% of all sales in the UK. Ideal is made in Hull and fully supported by over two hundred employed service engineers.

5. Vaillant Ecotec Plus 831 Combi


  • Up to 7YR Warranty
  • 105,000 Btu
  • £1230 Inc VAT

The last choice in our top five but a really popular boiler due to the brand and the loyalty that it has built up with its installer base. Installers that fit Vaillant tend to stick with it because if there are any issues then the manufacturer has a great response time. There is also the Advance scheme that allows engineers and customers to gain the maximum seven year warranty on this appliance at no extra cost.  The Plus 831 Combi has all the quality and technology of a leading manufacturer and is a touch expensive but still fits into Mr C’s rule as it is under £1500 and will last over ten years if properly maintained.

With all boilers in all categories it is essential to fit a filter and clean and protect the system before and after a new boiler is fitted. This further guarantees your boiler and the manufacturer’s conditions of sale and warranty.  So all warranty issues are dependent on how you look after your system. The boiler manufacturer can produce the best boiler in the world but if you fit it on a dirty system and do not service it yearly then like all things we neglect they will go wrong.
We have some great filter packs that include a cleaner and inhibitor and filter like the Trappex Chemical Pack that is only £75 Inc VAT.


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