Central Heating Myths - Top 6

Central heating is full of myths it doesn't need, lets dispel them here.

Central heating is not complicated. We have spent years trying to dispel the myths and take the pain out of buying all the equipment. Mr Central Heating was born in an age of DIY and home improvement.

When Allan Pierce opened the doors over forty years ago it was to the emergence of a new set of customers. People who owned their own house and wanted to make it better and more modern. Things have changed over the years and more legislation has been enforced on the installation of boilers and who can do that job.

The boiler is only one part of the system. And we still have good competent homeowners that want to tackle their own system and fit new radiators or change a gate valve. However, over the years we have found that there are a range of common myths that many people are unclear on. When it comes to the top home heating myths we have summarized some of the common mistakes that some people make here.

Myth 1 - I want a combi boiler but I have been told that my system will not take the pressure.

We love this one at Mr Central Heating and it is slightly true but obviously with a good plumber it will not be a problem. Combination boilers work of a sealed heating circuit and the pressure is maintained at generally 1.5bar.

This is fine as radiators are tested to 10 bar.  Valves and other items generally to 3bar. So it will not cause a problem but yes the plumber might experience some pressure loss if the system is not 100% fit for purpose. Mr Central Heating recommends that you just budget for some eventualities and communicate with the plumber at all times.

Myth 2 - Combination boilers do not give you a very good shower or bath and are not suitable for larger houses.

Habits have changed immensely over the last few years and most households now shower much more frequently than take baths. This suits Combination boilers as they give instantaneous hot water and do not store the water like traditional cylinder systems. This is a far more cost effective way to get hot water as you are only using what you need and not heating a large body of hot water and not using all of it.

A simple kettle analogy would be an example as it is not good to heat up a full one to make one cup of tea. Combination boilers are the most popular boiler in the UK making up over 80% of all sales and this has driven the appliances to be more efficient and more diverse in how they perform.

Mr Central Heating for instance has the really popular Potterton Titanium 40kW boiler at under £1000. Which gives 16 litres per minute at a 35*C rise which is 3.5 gallons a minute. The average shower uses 6-9 litres per minute so you can see that it is going to give you a really good shower.

Myth 3 - I need big radiators because I am cold and want to be more comfortable.

Unfortunately big is not best in the heating world and oversizing a radiator is not the ideal solution. If your central heating system is not getting hot then there may be other factors influencing the system like sludge and air.

Installing a massive radiator is not only expensive but does not create a comfortable heat because the room will just get really hot and then turn off causing a fluctuating heat which is not beneficial to you or your house. This is one energy myth you don't want to get wrong because it will cost you money in the long run.

Also oversizing a radiator can cause the boiler to be over worked and actually will never get to temperature because the boiler maybe only capable of a certain output.

There are plenty of online central heating tools to calculate an efficient sized radiator called BTU calculators.

Myth 4 - I need a big boiler to get more heat.

A similar big is best approach and is not cost effective to fuel costs and feeling comfortable. Just as in the performance of a car it is fairly pointless having a 6 litre car and going up the shop’s every day or one that goes 200mph when you live in a city. It is always nice to have but is a luxury!

The amount of output that you get in a central heating system is determined by the size of radiators. So if you have a high output boiler but small radiators it is not going to have any effect. It is best to size the new boiler correctly to the size. It is also best to size the system correctly to the size of house. This will also be the bests way to be energy efficient and keep your energy bills down. This is because the right size system will use less energy than on that is either oversized, and not performing to its best, or a central heating system that is too small and always has to run at a higher output with the thermostat up to maximum. So if you want to keep your heating bills down and save energy then it is much better to ensure that you buy the right sized boiler for your location. If you're looking for more tips on saving money and energy then the Energy Saving Trust provides comprehensive information on energy use, and saving money.

Myth 5 - The most expensive boiler is always the best.

Definitely not the case here and look for a great warranty and then you are covered on the boiler parts and labour. So as long as you get it serviced yearly then you will have peace of mind. You should also also consider energy efficiency.

Myth 6 - It is a new system so I do not need and protection.

This is probably the worst of the bunch that we try and deal with it patiently! It is definitely a myth that a new system does not need protection. We think it is bonkers that customers spend over £1000 on a boiler and then walk away without any protection.

A heating system is used every day and burns fossil fuels, heats water, and has enormous temperature changes. It is all a recipe for corrosion and deterioration. So please protect your system with a filter or a chemical liquid protector and get it serviced regularly.

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