Vokera Easi-heat Plus Review

Vokera Easi-heat Plus Review by Mr Central Heating.

This Vokera Easi-heat Plus review starts by explaining how Mr Central Heating is all about value for money. Getting you the best deal using our knowledge and important contacts with manufacturers to develop great boiler packages.

Vokera Easi-heat Plus ReviewIn this respect and it is not the first time we have said it but with the Vokera Easi-heat Plus range of condensing combination boiler, we think that we have probably got you the best deal that we have ever done. It may be ever done to date but it has so many boxes that it ticks we are not sure how it is ever going to get better!

Combination boilers account for 80% of all sales in the UK now so it is no wonder that getting a well-priced one is very important to a lot of people. The next thing on homeowners list is warranty and peace of mind and this means that you can rely on the boiler for heating and hot water for the next few years without costly call out charges and repairs.

People also demand easy to use controls and clock that can be set for their heating to come on and off. In the UK we have varying sizes of houses but predominately we have large concentrations of flats and period properties in our cities. There is no doubt that properties are getting smaller as space becomes at a premium.

Furthermore heat loss and the way we use our hot water has changed so there is much more usage if showers rather than baths. These factors have reduced our requirement for high output boilers and customers are demanding lower outputs as fuel and budgets become tighter.

So as we introduce the new Vokera Easi-heat Plus range which features a 25kW and 29kW boiler, a five year warranty, a built in clock, a simple interface and a price tag that starts at just £479.00 there is no wonder that we are slightly excited.

Yes there could be a better deal on the horizon but who knows and if you need the ultimate boiler package quickly, price correctly with complete peace of mind for five years then the Vokera Easi-heat Plus is just something that you cannot ignore.

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