What are Combination Boilers?

Combination boilers are the most popular form of heating system in the UK, offering instantaneous hot water and heating the home using a single compact unit.

Unlike conventional systems, a combination boiler utilises the pressure from your mains to supply hot water at the taps.

This does away with space taking external storage tanks and cylinders, ensuring ease of installation and allowing the user to hide the device in a cupboard or utility room.

As combination boilers do not require externally stored hot water to cater for your heating and water needs, energy is not wasted on unnecessary reheating.

Furthermore, all our combination boilers come with a SEDBUK rating ‘A’, providing over 90% efficiency to minimise Co2 emissions and save you money on your energy bills!

We stock a variety of manufacturers and models so that you can choose a combination boiler to match your budget and your properties specific needs.

Our optional boiler protection packages also ensure you can keep your new boiler in good condition for longer and continue to make savings on your energy bills.

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