What is a Pump and why do I need one?

This is a fair question – and Mr Central Heating has the range of products to help you make this important selection. Some of our favorite pumps are manufactured by Grundfos. They offer a full line of shower pumps, central heating circulating pumps, macerators, condensate removal pumps, and pumps to boost the water pressure of an entire house. Clearly, you need a good pump.

Shower pumps

The Amazon brass pump is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of Grundfos shower pumps. This range has universal, positive and negative in single and twin impeller pumps and is designed for domestic, commercial or light industrial use and can transform your shower system into a « power shower. » Amazon model pumps have brass impeller and machined brass stampings, silicon carbide seals, anti-vibration feet for low operating noise, stainless steel flexible hoses and a 2-year warranty. Prices start under £250.

Central heating circulating pumps

The Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 central heating pump is the perfect replacement option for any central heating pump. It boasts the most modern motor technology and high efficiency. This compact pump has direct backward compatibility with all UPS pump types, an integrated cable plug in control box, and 3 different speed settings. Priced under £100.


The Grundfos Sololift/2 WC-3 macerator is a compact automatic lifting station designed for pumping wastewater from a cabinet shower, bidet and washbasin plus sewage from a toilet. It’s easy to install and service and ideal as a new or replacement product. The CWC-3 model, designed for wall-hung toilets, is made for easy integration into the wall and is suitable for pre-wall installations. Both models are priced under £400.

Condensate removal pumps

The Grundfos Conlift 1 Condensate Removal Pump is a quiet and compact model designed for use where condensate (the liquid resulting from condensation of a gas) cannot drain naturally or when the condensate source is located below the local backwater level. Once installed, the pump operates automatically. Inbuilt features prevent unnecessary operation, a 6m drain hose and connection adaptors provided are easy to install and the motor requires no maintenance. Priced under £60.

Pumps to boost water pressure

The Grundfos Home Boost 4.5 Bar Water Booster Set is a self contained booster set suitable for most domestic properties with 1 or 2 bathrooms and typical household appliances. Compact and cost-effective, it has an integrated 200 litre storage tank, On/Off controlled by Grundfos PM2 Pressure Manager, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved components and may be used with an additional water storage slave tank. Priced under £1,500.

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