What is an LPG Boiler?

Reasons and options for an LPG Boiler.

LPG Boiler with a great warrantyThe LPG boiler is in the minority In the UK. We have a few different types of fuels that are available when it comes to boilers and with a fairly advanced and ever increasing gas network, it is no wonder that most people only experience the on tap natural gas fuel.

The original source of heat was obviously solid fuel in the form of wood, coal and even peat. As we have looked for cleaner solutions and the migration of people to an urban environment where gas pipes are easily accessed the rise of the single gas boiler has been inevitable.

There are well over 20 million gas boilers in the UK now and with solid fuel becoming more un-popular because of its poor efficiency, high pollutants and difficult storage and bulky transportation and storage.

The by-products from gas are far less and using the gas grid means that purchasing it is easy and available from providers who operate on market prices. The problem for businesses and householders that are not on the network has always been the reliance on solid fuel but with the invention of LPG or Liquefied petroleum gas and the advent of good boilers working on this has increased its popularity.

The transporting and storing of LPG has also got better and means that the user can be slightly more adaptable with how they use it. It is cleaner and with the change in personal habits like showering it is less likely that you need huge storage of hot water.

So the LPG boiler has become more popular and here at Mr Central Heating we understand this and so offer a whole section on LPG products.

There are also different types of LPG boilers and these include water heaters which offer a great solution for caravans, mobile homes and properties where you may be using solid fuel for the heating of your home.

Some manufacturers prefer to offer an option to purchase an LPG conversion kit so that you can convert their standard NG boiler models rather than hold boilers in both variants.

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