What do I need to know about magnetic boiler filters?

You’ll want to protect your new or already installed boiler against everyday effects of corrosion and the inevitable buildup of metal debris, or magnetite. The accumulation of these particles of metal, called sludge, will inevitably limit - or stop - heat circulation and output. Because magnetite is a normal byproduct of corrosion and a common problem in UK heating systems that many heating engineers see, the addition to your steel radiator system of a magnetic filter to collect and store this metal debris is the most effective way to maximize performance and economy and to minimize maintenance problems. Mr Central Heating has in stock the most popular and cost-conscious magnetic boiler filters available, to buy singly or as part of an installer’s pack for a new boiler.

What is the main function of the magnetic filter?

With no moving parts to fail or to consume energy, the sole function of the magnetic filter is to attract any metal debris in your heating system such as your combi boiler and remove it to a storage receptacle for disposal during normal boiler maintenance checks. Without a magnetic filter sludge or magnetite trapped in the boiler or central heating pump can cause boiler or pump failure and significant replacement expense. For both comfort and efficiency you’ll want to invest in this simple, practical assurance of optimal performance and year-round comfort. Note that today most boiler warranties require a magnetic boiler filter.

Installing Magnetic Boiler Filters

For installation in tight spaces, the ADEY MagnaClean Micro compact filter is designed to efficiently remove black iron oxide sludge build-up and non-magnetic debris from domestic central heating systems. The ADEY Magnaclean professional kit includes MC1 Protector and MC3 Cleaner employing high-performance chemicals that are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The 22mm Fernox TF1 Omega Filter Chemical Pack, including valves, is nickel-plated brass, good for restricted spaces, and adaptable to vertical or horizontal pipework. Fernox F1 protector guards against corrosion and limescale and improves system efficiency. Fernox F3 cleaner is made for new systems or to restore the efficiency of existing systems by removing sludge, limescale and flux residues. Use F1 protector and F3 cleaner together and you’ll save up to 15% on your home heating bills, and both products are carbon footprint certified by the Carbon Trust.

The 22mm Ideal Brass System Filter promises to remove 100% of the suspended black iron oxide from your standard or modern efficiency boiler, and 22mm and 28mm Valliant Filter Boiler Protection Kits will remove the smallest of dirt and magnetite particles. The BiWorld Smart Mag Filter Chemical Pack is made to install on the return circuit when flushing your boiler system. It filters magnetite and non-ferrous debris, has 360 degree installation, and includes BiWorld protector and BiWorld cleaner.

Combi boiler kits and brands available

Combi boiler and system boiler kits in stock include those from various boiler manufacturers such as Baxi Duo-Tec, Platinum and Megaflo kits with MagnaClean or Fernox Installer’s Packs; Potterton Gold kits with Fernox Installer’s Pack and Titanium kits with MagnaClean Installer’s Pack; Valliant ecoTec kits with 7-year warranty and Fernox Installer’s Pack; and compact Vokera Easi-Heat Plus kits for instantaneous hot water, with 5-year warranty and MagnaClean Micro filter. Kit prices start under fifty-five pounds.

Overall, you can find a range of compression fittings, heating controls, boiler accessories and more, and all with long term durability with our selection of top brand names at Mr Central Heating.

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