Worcester rewards scheme

Worcester rewards scheme - Greenstar Rewards

Worcester Rewards scheme is known as Greenstar rewards.

The name Worcester Bosch has been very much associated with boilers over the last few years with the huge marketing campaigns that they often run and also the association with British Gas on the installation side.

It has been the number one boiler sold in the UK for a few years and has a really strong brand loyalty with its installers as it offers a great service and no-quibble fix for homeowners.

The brand loyalty comes in the form of the Worcester rewards schem called Greenstar Rewards. Installers have benefitted by good marketing, good product, spares availability and customer service. In theory it is a lot easier to sell and install a market leader than a lesser known brand.

Worcester rewards scheme

The range of Worcester extends through, combination, system and conventional gas appliances. Although definitely not the cheapest, they are a popular boiler with installers because of incentives and the reward scheme. In a lot of aspects the other lines within the Bosch get precedence as rewards so it becomes quite attractive to an installer.

So what do you get and how do you sign up?

You need to register on their site and be Gas Safe compliant. Once recognised you simply collect points for every boiler that you sell. Once you have accumulated points then you can use these to spend on the following:

  • Worcester workwear – branded and in Worcester’s colours
  • Bosch power tools – obviously another great advert for Worcester and you can further promote their brand.
  • Training courses – Always a great option to learn about the product. So it is installed correctly and faults diagnosed.
  • Access to your product registration dashboard – view previous installation dates
  • Latest news from the industry
  • Become a Worcester accredited installer – get leads on jobs and installations

As like all other reward schemes it is important to be registered for peace of mind and the benefits are simple to see.



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