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If you’re looking for a cheap boiler, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Mr Central Heating has been supplying the best value deals in boilers and central heating for over 30 years.

Boilers are available in three different types: combi boilers, heat only boilers and system boilers. To help you start making a choice when looking for a cheap boiler, we’ve listed below the cheapest in each category.

Cheapest combi boiler - £479inc VAT - The CaprizPlus 24HE is our lowest price combination boiler. Made by the Vaillant group company Heatline, it offers outstanding value for money. With Vaillant Group Service backing the CaprizPlus 24HE 2 year guarantee, you won’t find a better quality boiler of this size for this kind of price.

Cheapest heat only boiler - £499inc VAT - The Vokèra Mynute 15VHE is an open vent, regular condensing boiler. It’s simple to operate and has extremely small dimensions, with the lower output models fitting inside a kitchen cupboard. Although designed for central heating only, the Mynute VHE can also meet your domestic hot water needs when installed with a water cylinder.

Cheapest system boiler - £578inc VAT - Vokèra Mynute HE boilers are simple to operate and have compact dimensions – making them ideal where space is an issue.Condensing system boilers are for central heating only, but the Mynute HE can also provide your domestic hot water needs when installed with a water cylinder.

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