ESi 2 Channel Multi Purpose Programmer

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This 2 channel multi purpose programmer can automatically switch your Central Heating and Hot Water ON and OFF up to 3 times a day, at whatever times you choose. Timekeeping is maintained through power interruptions by a non replaceable battery designed to last for the lifetime of the programmer and the clock is automatically put forward 1 hour at 1:00am on the last Sunday of March and back 1 hour at 2:00am on the last Sunday of October. The clock is factory pre-set to UK time and date, but you can alter it if you wish. During installation, the installer selects 24 hour, or 5 day/ 2day, or 7 day programming and 2 or 3 on/off periods per day, via a 4 position DIP switch on the back of the unit (see installation instructions).

The large, easy to read display makes programming easy and the unit is designed to eliminate the possibility of accidental changes to
your programme. Buttons normally visible, only affect your set programme temporarily. All buttons which can permanently change your programme are located behind the flip over facia.

  • The 24 hour programmer option runs the same programme every day.

  • The 5/2 Day programmer option allows different ON/OFF times at weekends.

  • The 7 Day programmer option allows different ON/OFF times for each day of the week.

  • Pumped System (PU) allows independent control of Central Heating and Hot Water.

  • Gravity System (Gr) does not allow Central Heating without Hot Water but can provide Hot Water without Central Heating.

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