everflo Stainless 250L Pre-Plumbed Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinder

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The Everflo Pre-Plumbed cylinders are Factory assembled and both pre-plumbed and pre-wired for ease of installation and also includes a pump making it the perfect cylinder for use with a conventional / heat only boiler.

Everflo Indirect cylinders are designed to heat up quickly and to retain their heat for long periods. From single shower water heating to meeting hot water demands for sports pavilions – we have the hot water solution for your needs. 

Indirect cylinders are designed for use with traditional boiler (gas, oil or electric). They have also immersion heater fitted for a back-up heating. 

 Features and benefits

  • Significantly reduced installation time (up to 70%)

  • Increased quality and integrity of the installation, which results in elimination of costly call-backs

  • Plug in electrical connection for all controls - simply plug and go!

  • Full technical and back up service

  • Range of sizes from 180L to 300L 

  • Includes a pump

  • 25-year guarantee on stainless steel vessel

Components and Connections.

  • 22mm hot water draw-off

  • Inlet control set

  • Temperature Relief Valve

  • Cold feed drain elbow

  • Immersion heater 3kw

  • Secondry immersion heater 3kw (250L & 300L only)

  • Dual thermostat

  • 22mm auto bypass valve

  • Circulating pump

  • Central heating flow 1x two port zone valve

  • Filling loop flexible hose

  • Manual bottle air eliminator

  • 22mm DHW two port zone valve

  • 28mm return from the radiator circuit

  • 28mm return to the boiler

  • Wiring Centre

  • Tundish

  • Secondry return (210L, 250L & 300L only)

  • DHW drain

  • 1x 18L grey expansion vessel for heating

  • 1x 18L white expansion vessel for potable


Manufacturer Product Number
Manufacturers Warranty
25 Year (Subject to Manufacturers T&C's)
Cylinder Type
Cylinder Material
Stainless steel Cylinder
Water capacity (Litres)
250 Litres
Height (Metric)
Width (Metric)
Manufacturers brochure PDF File
User Guide File
Installation PDF File
Product Questions
How do I know if I need a vented or unvented copper storage cylinder? I have Economy 7 tariff.
The type of cylinder required depends on the your system setup. If the cylinder is fed by a cold water loft tank then you will require a vented cylinder. Whereas if you the cylinder is fed directly from the mains water in to the property then you will require an unvented cylinder.
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Which pump is fitted to the pre-plumbed cylinder and what else is different on the system fit cylinder to justify the price difference ?
The pre-plumbed cylinders come with a Wilo PUMPWYPERP circulating pump fitted to the cylinder, the pre-plumbed cylinders also come with a second expansion vessel and a electronic programmable room thermostat including domestic hot water timer which are not included with the system-fit cylinders. A pre-plumbed cylinder is for use with a heat only boiler, also known as a regular, conventional or open vent boiler where as the system-fit cylinders are for use with a sytem boiler.
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Are your products guaranteed?

Yes all our products come with a guarantee.

Guarantees or warranties vary, by product and manufacturer.

All our products are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year (radiators 10 years, copper tube 25 years) but many offer longer warranties from the manufacturer, which you may need to register for.

On each product, under the specification tab, you will find more information on the guarantee or Warranty.

Follow links through to various manufacturers sites, as each manufacturer will have its own terms and conditions for qualifying for longer warranties.

You do not want to miss out by getting the wrong installer for some boilers etc.

As Boilers and radiators are installed by third parties, they do have to install in compliance with regulations and manufacturer standards to get the full benefit of the warranty.

As long as these ar fulfilled, you will get the maximum life and support from your new purchase.

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What is the difference between a Vented and an Unvented Cylinder?

The main difference between a vented and unvented water storage cylinder is that an unvented hot water cylinder takes its water supply directly from the mains.

Whereas a vented cylinder is connected to a water tank by a vent pipe

You can get hot water out of an unvented cylinder at a much better pressure than a traditional vented cylinder as it is pressurised.

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Can your everflo Stainless 120L Direct Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinder and kit be installed using a mains cold water supply?

All unvented work on mains pressure.

A G3 Regulations kit is always required which is what we supply with the cylinder.

They should only be used on cold water mains supply.

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