Boiler FAQs

Are your products guaranteed?
Can I use the Nest learning thermostat with a Worcester Danesmoor 26/32boiler?
Can this boiler be used with a vertical flue?
Can you help me find an installer?
Do I need a magnetic filter on my boiler?
How can I work out what boiler I need?
How many radiators will Gold a 24kw run
I have ordered the wrong boiler how do I change it?
Is this appliance (Vokera Easi Flo) permitted to be fitted directly to a combustible surface?
I’m an installer. How can I list my business on your website?
What are the benefits of the Baxi Platinum over the Baxi Duo-Tec?
what is the noise level of the new 630 combi boiler as i want to put it in my kitchen?
What's the hot water flow like on a Vokera Compact 29A
which is the wright boiler for me
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