Fernox F1 Filter Fluid and Protector

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An innovative and unique product which combines the trusted F1 Protector formulation with an active dispersant that detects and delivers system contaminants to a filter.

  • Protects the system against corrosion and scale formation.

  • Designed to be used with all system filter types.

  • Perfect partner to the TF1 filter range

Key benefits

  • The F1 Filter Fluid+ Protector continuously purges contaminants from the system whilst preventing the formation of further corrosion and limescale. 

  • On-going protection of vulnerable and vital system components 

  • Achieves and maintains optimum system efficiency 

  • Reduces time spent on-site with easy installation, dosing and maintenance 

  • Increases a filter’s effectiveness

  • Maximises the cleaning process by delivering any remaining system debris (even after cleaning) to the filter

When to you use it:

  • The F1 Filter Fluid+ Protector should only be used with systems that have a filter installed. 

  • Ideal for lightly sludged systems when powerflushing may not be required 

  • In systems where design or flow rates prevent the removal of all debris during the cleaning process 

  • Suitable for heating systems, which are difficult to clean by conventional flushing 

  •  When no water treatment has previously been used at the time of commissioning the system or installation of the boiler

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1 Year (Subject to Manufacturers T&C's)
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Corrosion inhibitor
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Not yet rated

There are no reviews yet.