Honeywell 1 Day Single Channel Timer

Honeywells ST9100A is a 1-day single channel timer designed for control of a single heating zone, combi boiler or any application where small electric loads need switching. The Line of Text (LoT) display gives clear, plain instructions whenever any button or slider is used enabling reliable operation of all the controls without having to refer to the instruction manual.

Honeywell 7 Day 2 Channel Programmer

Google Nest Product Range

Why settle for old technology, when Google Nest can do it all?

Each Google Nest product works out how to make your home better. So imagine what they can do when they work together. If Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide, the Nest Thermostat can turn off your boiler, because it's a common source of CO leaks. And when the Nest Protect senses smoke, it can turn on Nest Cam to help find out where it came from.