Hot Water Household Safety Guide 

Injuries in the home are a risk at any time, but children from birth to age 4 and seniors age 65 and over are at particular risk for accidents – sometimes fatal – involving hot water scalding and burns. (source: This guide provides practical and useful information to help keep children and seniors safe when using or in contact with hot water sources in the home.

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UK Statistics on severe and fatal Injuries caused by scalding: These include risks to children, older people, people with reduced mental capacity, reduced mobility, a sensory impairment, or people who cannot react appropriately, or quickly enough; to prevent injury.

Common hot water hazards in the home and water heater safety tips: Scalding is a concern in everyone’s home and there are ways to prevent it. This guide also discusses vents, connectors, pressure relief valves, drain valves and other important aspects of safe hot water heater operation.

Heating & hot water controls: The benefits of heating controls include reduced carbon emissions, saving money, scheduled heat usage and individual room controls. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), cylinder and boiler thermostats, and timing controls are all addressed in this guide.

Kids safety tips / Keeping your kids safe around hot water: For kids from infancy to age 12 the prevention of burns from scalding is an important responsibility. Adjust the temperature setting on your water heater, and remember that a microwave can heat unevenly and create hotspots in foods and liquids.

Safety tips for seniors: In addition to checking the temperature setting on the water heater to avoid scalding, there are other practical tips to help seniors prevent injuries, including non-skid mats, shower chairs, and grab handles in bathrooms.

First-Aid treatments for scalds and burns: Treat burns and scalds as quickly as possible in order to limit damage to the skin.  Stop the process – Cool the burn – Cover the burn – Treat the pain.

General household safety tips: Fire safety, electrical safety, heating and cooking, safety glass, safety with medicines and cleaners, domestic hot water heating, garden safety and do-it-yourself safety are concerns for everyone of every age.

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