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If you are looking for an oil boiler and have landed on this page we apologise but we cannot offer oil boilers. Here at Mr.Central Heating we have always tried to offer the best deal and product that is going to last and mean that you will come back in ten or twenty years and buy a replacement boiler or even one for your offspring which normally happens. Unfortunately oil boilers are not sustainable in todays current climate where the pressure on all of us is to save fuel and not create lots of harmful emissions.

Oil boilers are great work horses but they are dirty and not very efficient. They also will probably not pass the new requirements for the Energy related Products Directive, or ErP in 2017 and just about scrape through the 2015 requirements. If they do pass then they are going to have to increase in price if they are going to become more efficient. There is going to have to be viable alternatives and as they become more popular then the prices of those alternative fuels will decrease.

A great alternative to oil is LPG which is used in highly efficient Band A Condensing boilers like the Baxi Duotec LPG or the Potterton Gold 28 Combi LPG. This is clean and easy to store in tanks underground or alongside a house. There is also the possibility of Electric boilers that are increasing in popularity and over 99% efficient. LPG and electricity is becoming far more readily available in rural areas to compensate for the drive to combat fuel poverty and with the introduction of shale gas from aboard and at home, we could all benefit from cheap secure gas.

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