Potterton Kingfisher 2 & Kingfisher MF

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The Potterton Kingfisher 2 is so old its efficiency is not rated by the UK’s Home Heating Guide. If you have this non-condensing conventional boiler in your home it’s surely time to replace it with an A-rated boiler. The Potterton Kingfisher MF model was discontinued in 2005, but at least it was rated, although a D with an efficiency of 78.5%, which is the highest of all Kingfisher models. If you’re looking for a good reason to replace this boiler, a D rating may be the incentive you need. Next (and quickly), call the experts at Mr. Central Heating. They’ll help you choose the best boiler or boiler kit for your home heating and hot water requirements.

Potterton has an excellent selection of energy efficient boilers to suit almost every home heating and hot water need. The Potterton Gold condensing system boiler is priced below £600. The Potterton Gold conventional heat only boiler & flue kit, slim and lightweight, is fast and easy to install, while Potterton’s Promax conventional and flue fits into small spaces, such as standard kitchen wall cupboards. Both are listed under £650. A selection of Potterton Titanium combi boiler central heating packs, which include 7 radiators of your choice, start under £900. The full range of Potterton boilers and more are in stock now at Mr. Central Heating.

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