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Potterton NetaHeat, the more compact NetaHeat Profile, and Profile domestic hot water and central heating boilers have been discontinued, but they’ve set high standards for efficiency throughout the heating industry since 1973. Potterton’s NetaHeat models are the forerunner of many of today's more efficient gas boilers -- and they were the first boilers to have automatic spark ignition instead of a pilot light. Potterton NetaHeat models won the Institute of Domestic Heat Engineers first ever award for excellence: At a time when 55% fuel efficiency was the norm, NetaHeat boilers achieved 78% fuel efficiency.

Potterton raised industry standards and our expectations and Mr. Central Heating has a full selection of worthy replacement boilers to meet yours. Automatic, wall mounted, gravity hot water and pumped central heating or fully pumped system boilers are in stock now at prices starting under £500. Potterton Promax conventional and combi boiler models are in stock for every budget. Prices begin under £620. The award winning Potterton Gold series boiler only models start under £530 -- and Part L boiler change packs begin well below £800. Potterton Titanium combi boiler and flue kits begin under £740, and Titanium boiler kits that include clock, flue, radiators, and free Trappex maintenance pack can make your home comfortable at prices starting below £1,000.

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