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Potterton products just keep getting better. They've carried forward the best features and corrected problems on now discontinued models including the Potterton Suprima and Potterton Prima F series. The economical Suprima range of condensing central heating boilers for the home could be wall-mounted or installed in a cupboard. They were also easy to maintain. A problem with these boilers, corrected in newer Potterton models, was lock-out during the ignition sequence that required re-set. Potterton's Prima F series offered a price-wise answer for domestic hot water and / or central heating needs for apartments and houses. Wall-mounted and automatically controlled, customers especially appreciated the Prima F's long lasting heat exchanger.

The new Potterton Gold, Potterton Titanium, and Potterton Promax range of condensing combi and system boilers merge the best features of past models with improved design, performance, and reliability. The full range of Potterton boilers is available now at Mr. Central Heating where our specialists will help you choose the best model for your apartment or house. And don't forget to add a new Potterton Programmer to your heating system. We have in stock the Potterton Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat, priced under £110, and their Wireless Electronic Timer, economically priced under £60.

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