Save Time and Energy

Saving energy is easy when you choose a
Baxi boiler and Google Nest Thermostat E bundle.

All Baxi Platinum boilers now come with a Nest Thermostat E.

See how this bundle can help you save time and energy with our videos featuring Roger Bisby, who highlights just how easy it is to do a boiler change whilst complying with the Boiler Plus legislation.

Easy to upgrade.

Roger Bisby of Skill Builder shows you how easy it is to upgrade a boiler with Baxi and Nest Thermostat E, so you can save energy and become Boiler Plus compliant.

Easy to save energy.

Roger Bisby continues to travel around the country to show you how quick, easy and energy efficient it is to install a Baxi boiler and Nest Thermostat E bundle.

Easy to install.

In this final video of the Baxi and Nest Thermostat E series, Roger Bisby shows you just how easy it is to install the exclusive bundle from scratch.


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Roger Bisby

Roger Bisby is a journalist and television presenter known for his expertise in the British building industry. Roger has featured on Watchdog and Rogue Traders, hosted a radio show and written a number of building related books.

Roger has also provided product reviews and insight for Professional Builder magazine for over thirty years.