Super Power Solderless Copper Bonding 10ml Blister Pack

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Super Power Solderless Copper Bonding in a handy 10ml blister pack complete with a strip of P60 Magic Cloth.

Super Power Solderless Copper Bonding provides a quick and easy solution to installing and repairing rigid copper tube systems in hot or cold drinking water and heating.
Solderless Copper Bonding saves 70% time compared to conventional soldering techniques and provides the same permanent weld as a hot soldered joint.

Solderless Copper Bonding bonds copper pipes & connectors in 60 seconds, requiring no flame, flux or solder, making it much quicker & easier than hot soldering.

Solderless Copper Bonding is also useful in areas where a blowtorch cannot be used and puts an end to hot pipes, burning walls and floors, burning yourself, and eliminates the risk of gas explosions from hot works on gas lines.


  • No need for flux

  • No need for solder

  • No need for heat

  • Saves 70% time compared to soldering

  • Saves on cost compared to soldering

  • Safer alternative to soldering (no fire risk)

  • Extremely strong bond

  • Tested at 15 BAR within 60 seconds

  • Ready to test water supply after 60 seconds

  • Structural bond after 5 mins

  • Conforms to The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999

  • Easy application

  • No special tools required

Super Power
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