uvgold2 300L Twin Coil Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinder & Kit

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The uvgold2 300L twin coil indirect stainless steel unvented cylinder has been specifically designed for use with most makes of solar systems, which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The benefits of environmentally friendly solar systems and twin coil uvgold2 cylinders include lower running costs, reduced carbon emissions and reduced energy bills. 

  • 300 litre capacity

  • Twin coil for maximum heat gain

  • KIWA approved and rigorously tested

  • 25 year cylinder guarantee

Components and connections

    22mm hot water draw-off
  • 22mm cold feed

  • 4x 22mm internal twin coil connections

  • Sensor pocket retaining bungs

  • Inlet control set

  • Temperature relief valve

  • Imersion heater 3kw

  • Secondry immersion heater 3kw (250L, 300L, 400L & 500L only)

  • Dual thermostat

  • Single high limit stat

  • 1x two port zone valve

  • Tundish

  • Secondry return (210L, 250L, 300L, 400L & 500L only)

  • 25L expansion vessel

Manufacturer Product Number
Manufacturers Warranty
25 Year (Subject to Manufacturers T&C's)
Manufacturers brochure PDF File
Cylinder Type
Cylinder Material
Stainless steel Cylinder
Water capacity (Litres)
300 Litres
Height (Metric)
Width (Metric)

Not yet rated

There are no reviews yet.