Work Safe. Work Safe.

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating in the UK. But now we can finally look beyond lockdown and start to get the country working again. To help make it happen, the government and industry have written new guidelines for tradespeople that promote safe working in and around people’s homes. But staying safe is a joint responsibility, and we all have a duty to protect each other.

By working together, we can keep everyone safe. Click the required section below to see more details.

You must be certain that neither you or anyone living in your home has symptoms of COVID-19. The NHS website can help you with this.

If anyone in your home is isolating as a precaution, then work can only start when they have completed 14 days in isolation and are symptom free.

Make sure you talk with your tradesperson before they visit your home.

Cut down on face-to-face contact by using phones or tablet devices with cameras to have conversations with tradespeople online.

Ask what personal protection equipment (PPE) the tradesperson will use, such as gloves and masks if necessary.

If you are clinically vulnerable, tell your tradesperson so they can take extra care.

As always, remember to agree the scope of work and price in writing before going ahead.

Disinfect doors and handles daily before and after your tradesperson comes into your home.

Work together to protect each other by remembering to follow social distancing guidelines at all times.

If you have to get close, stay side-to-side rather than facing each other.

The tradesperson’s hard work always deserves a cuppa, but make sure you’re careful to only touch the handle when making it, and when the drink is finished, wash up the mug straight away with hot, soapy water.

If you feel you are or could be infected while the work is being done, tell your tradesperson, and stop all works. Then follow the government’s procedures on self-isolation until it is safe for work to start again.

Disinfect all areas where the tradesperson has worked, especially around doors and handles.

Keep payment and paperwork electronic or contactless.

Contact the tradesperson to warn them if you or anyone else in your home shows symptoms of COVID-19 within a week of the work being finished.

Work Safe developed by Trustmark and supported by Construction Leadership Council.