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Flexigas - Mr Central Heating

Gas installations just got a whole
lot easier with


It’s time to make the switch

When entering the UK market in 2016, Flexigas had one primary aim. To offer a CSST solution that was made from the highest quality materials, yet more affordable than market leader Tracpipe. In the years since, Flexigas have grown from new kids on the block to major players in the gas products industry. Known for their innovation in designing products that save gas engineers huge amounts of time on gas pipe installations, Flexigas has grown its product range so that whatever the installation scenario, Flexigas can offer a quick and easy solution.


Quicker and easier gas installations

Flexigas’ signature product is their CSST solution, which is 75% quicker to install compared to traditional plumbing methods. You can easily bend Flexigas to 90 degrees by hand, so no need for complicated joins to get around tricky obstacles, as with copper. Flexigas comes in one continuous length which is meter marked, so you can cut the pipe to the exact length needed for the installation and install Flexigas in one length. This means there is only one fitting needed at each end of the pipe, so less potential areas for gas leaks, making Flexigas safer than copper.

Every gas installation scenario covered with Flexigas DS

Flexigas DS is a pre-sleeved CSST solution that adheres to BS 6891 and IGEM regulations for a pipe passing through areas that are unventilated. The double sleeve gives additional protection in the event of a leak, meaning Flexigas DS is ideal for installations through solid floors, solid walls, unventilated voids and risers, and even through screed or the ground/earth/soil. This makes Flexigas DS suitable for EVERY gas installation scenario. Flexigas DS also comes in one continuous length and can be bent to 90 degrees by hand.


Safely earthing CSST just became a whole lot quicker with the FG Bond

As you know, safety is the number one priority with gas plumbing. Safely earthing CSST or copper to protect from electric shocks or fires by installing earthing clamps can be time-consuming. Enter the FG Bond from Flexigas. The FG Bond is a bonding terminal that can be integrated into ALL Flexigas fittings in seconds, allowing you to safely earth Flexigas, whatever the installation scenario. Every Flexigas fitting has a pre-drilled hole compatible with the FG Bond so all you need to do is attach and tighten. It is that simple.

Introducing the missing link, the FG Link adapter range

There are some jobs that require copper to be used for aesthetic value, especially for any visible pipework. But completing the whole job in copper, including through walls, floors and risers, as well as actually connecting to the mains, isn’t always easy. The FG Link from Flexigas allows for an easy transition from copper to Flexigas in a matter of seconds, so you can use copper for the visible parts and use Flexigas to finish all of the tricky parts. And as Flexigas already offers the widest range of fittings available in the UK, you are guaranteed to find a quick and easy fitting solution regardless of the scenario.