Frequently Asked Questions about Central Heating, Boilers, Radiators and More

Here at Mr Central Heating we understand that our products are a "considered" purchase and you will have questions.

  • We do our best to provide all the information we can in the product page description and specification tabs on each product.
  • You can help us answer your question, and others in the future by sending us your questions using the form below. we will try to answer as soon as we can.
  • Dont forget to rate any answers you read as Useful or not, so we can fine tune and help all our customers further.
  • If your question is about a specific order you have already placed or your account you will need to contact your nearest store here.
  • Our office hours are Monday to Friday 07:30 till 17:00.

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Delivery FAQs

Can I collect from in store?
Can I order now for a delivery at a later date?
Do you deliver everywhere in the UK?
Do you deliver into the house ?
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System Protection FAQs

Do I need a magnetic filter on my boiler?

Water Storage FAQs

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