Potterton Gold RL3 Isolation Relay

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The RL3 isolation relay is used when connecting 3 electric boilers up in a bank system.

3 x Boiler pump isolation relay, suitable for boilers being connected on a single or 3 phase supply.

  • Contact arrangement: SPCO

  • Contact rating: 10 amps @ 250Vac

  • Coil consumption: 500mW

  • Coile operating voltage: 230Vac

  • Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C

  • Approvals: VDE, UL, CSA

The relay assemblies are mounted on a DIN rail contained in a plastic housing. They can be used for a variety of applications, including controlling the boilers and operating pumps.

To prevent overloading of the electrical supply where an electric boiler is installed together with an electric shower, the RL1 assembly may be used to temporarily shut down the boiler when the shower is in use.

When 2 or more boilers are used together, the output supply for the ump must be isolated. For a 2-boiler system use the RL2 assembly, for a 3-boiler system use the RL3 assembly.

These assemblies are quite suitable for boilers connected on a single-phase supply, or for boilers connected to different phases of a 3 phase supply.

They are not suitable for switching the main power to the boilers.

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