Just upgraded a boiler?

Get £20 off of your next boiler purchase if you bring your old boiler to one of our stores.

By bringing us your end of life boiler, you are guaranteed that the boiler will be correctly recycled and it will not end up in landfill or adding to waste crime. Correctly recycling a boiler through our BoilerBox scheme will ensure that as much material as possible will be streamed and recycled to reduce our impact on the environment and helping towards Net Zero 2050.


Use BoilerBox to transport your boilers.

The Boiler Box is collapsable so really convenient to store until you are ready to put the old boiler into it. It is extremely robust and has handles and a security seal for the lid which allows the old boiler to be safely removed from a sensitive are without any mess or risk to the engineers.

*Terms and Conditions: This offer is only available to material that is dropped off to one of our stores and does not apply to any other offer on the BoilerBox collection service. Please ensure all boilers are free from excess water and only materials related to a boiler exchange will be accepted.