How to get the most out of your Google Home Mini

At the moment, our customers can claim a free Google Home Mini when they buy any Baxi boiler from the 600 range. But what is it and how could it help you?

The Google Home Mini is a smaller version of the Google Home Hub, allowing you to create a whole home ecosystem within your four walls. It can play music and blast your favourite songs, answer your questions using Google Assistant, set alarms, find football results and control your smart home products all with two words; “Hey Google”, completely hands free using voice control and voice commands.

If you have other smart home compatible devices set up such as Google Nest, you could be able to control the temperature and lights within your home from one spot in your house. This will ultimately save you money, time and effort whilst decreasing your wasted energy. This smart thermostat will learn from your commands to provide you with optimum output i.e. It will turn down your thermostat when you’re not in and set your favourite temperature based on your choices. You can even pause, rewind and stop your TV through Google Chromecast, because sometimes lifting that remote is just too much. Essentially, you can run all the most important systems in your home through this tiny gadget – without even leaving the sofa.

Powered by Google Assist, smart home devices such as the Google Home Mini can keep you up to date with all the latest information. What’s the quickest way to work? What’s the weather like where you’re going on holiday? Will you need an umbrella this afternoon? Just ask. You also have access to the latest news, sport, finance and anything else you fancy. The Google Home Mini can also help you personalise your schedule by allowing it to access your calendar and emails reminding you of appointments and giving you the best commuting options. So, no excuse to be late again! These devices are great for those who love home automation and making their lives easier.

By buying any Baxi boiler in the 600 range, you can get this useful bit of tech for free. Make sure you get the most out of it as there is so much it can do to make your life that little bit easier. So whether you want a smart speaker with great sound, or a smart device that can help answer your questions the Google Home Mini is the device for you.

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