Is your boiler safe?

Are you being Boiler Safe?

Here at Mr Central Heating we often deal with tough questions like “is that the best price” but the toughest is definitely is “is my boiler safe ”.

Be Boiler Safe! fit a Carbon mononoxide alarmxide alarm Carbon monoxide alarm - Always available fro Mr Central Heating.

If you need to ask yourself this then we would definitely get a plumber. There is no point in taking any risks and a dangerous boiler is potentially dangerous to you and your family and the surrounding area.

Over the years there have been gas explosions due to faulty boilers but the main killer is carbon monoxide.

It is forever in the news and it can be prevented by boiler servicing and identified by a C02 alarm.

Gas boilers have become extremely safe over the years and are tested and legislated immensely to make sure they conform.

This does not however take into account a bad installation or a deterioration of a boiler or system. Gas safety is obviously very important so as a home owner you shouldn't cut corners when it comes to gas boilers. Nobody wants a gas leak in their boiler or gas supply. In addition to this, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real risk and a silent, invisible killer. If you have a gas emergency, suspect a carbon monoxide leak, or smell gas, don't delay and call the gas company.


With regards to cowboy installs, the market has been really well governed by Gas Safe and dodgy installs are quite un-common now. With regards to deterioration and the lack of servicing there are still loads of ground to cover and we have never understood why customers spend over £2500 on a central heating system just to neglect it. If you have issues with your gas boiler always use a gas safe registered plumber or gas safe engineer to fix it.

A few years ago the accessibility of plumbers and tradesmen was slightly lacking but the profession has become highly specialised and Heating Engineers have been created who only work on boilers and service, diagnose, install and maintain all types of gas appliances. You should always choose a trained and qualified gas engineer to work on your boiler service or if you run into boiler issues. The good news is that boiler faults and boiler breakdowns do not necessarily mean that you need a new boiler. When it comes to modern boilers they are normally easily repairable.

They have become highly skilled and trained by the manufacturers as brand advocates. We have a load of great installers on our database and it is growing every day. At over 26 pages please you are welcome to use our postcode lookup service. If you are an installer and not on it then it is free and we only ask that you provide a good informative listing. There is no obligation and we have lots of developments coming so watch this space!

If you are looking for an installer to make sure you are boiler safe, search our free to use installer database.

Boilers have become really safe but if you have just moved into a property or have an old boiler for possibly a cost of just over £100 a year or a C02 detector at £21.50 can you really afford to take this risk.

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