ADEY welcomes British Standard for system care beyond just boiler protection

Recent news will help with the maintenance of heating and cooling water systems, making usage of hot water and boilers more effective for many in the UK.  The revised standard for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic heating and cooling water systems came into effect on 31 May 2019, with BS 7593:2019 applicable to both closed loop heating and cooling circuits and superseding BS 7593:2006 (Code of practice for treatment of water in domestic hot water central heating systems) which was immediately withdrawn.

Looking to improve guidelines and requirements for boiler service and installation of all types, ADEY (company that focuses on central heating system protection and maintenance for plumbers using MagnaClean magnetic filter technology ), welcomes the publication of the new British Standard, BS 7593:2019, which it believes marks a significant turning point for the industry, helping to drive the adoption of best practice in whole system health, not simply boiler protection.

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The standard now includes various key changes for those specifying, installing and maintaining domestic heating control and cooling systems, which include requiring an in-line filter, testing the water for the level of inhibitor and cleanliness of the system via an annual service, along with a re-dosed inhibitor every five-years or a full system water test undertaken.

This type of policy should help save money on energy bills and keep older boilers more effective over time. While boiler repairs and heating breakdowns will never be fully eliminated, these changes aim to drive greater consideration for correct water treatment chemistry and filtration including prevention, maintenance and monitoring to properly protect a system for the long term. And with boiler issues often due to poor water quality in the first year of usage, this will benefit all boiler owners, whether new boilers or old combi boilers, and bring peace of mind to homeowners, tenants and landlords alike.

The news also notes that "For the first time, the fitting of a permanent in-line filter is required in addition to a chemical clean and fresh water flush before inhibitor is added" and that "an in-line filter should be fitted to ALL systems."

Magnetic filters are becoming a key piece of home heating and boiler protection and can reduce carbon monoxide emissions.  This in turn can save energy supplier bills and costs, reduce overheads and even indirect reduce premiums such as home insurance and boiler breakdown cover / boiler insurance policy.

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