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System Protection

System Protection

Both older and modern boilers alike can suffer from a build-up of sludge (the 'rust' that’s broken away from the inside of the radiators and other components) and iron oxide deposits – resulting in inefficient operation and a significantly shortened life expectancy. Even a small amount can result in a substantial loss of efficiency and fuel wastage, while corrosion deposits in older central heating systems can reduce system effectiveness by up to 15%.

As is often the case, prevention is better than cure. And the best prevention comes in the form of chemical water treatments that can be easily added to existing systems via the header tanks or directly into the radiator using a specialist adaptor.

A product we’ve seen rapidly increase in popularity is the sludge removal filter. This simple magnet fits into your system and cleans the water that runs through it. When the magnet is covered, it’s simply removed and cleaned.

Protecting your heating system is not only a worthwhile endeavour, but we’ve also made it extremely simple and cost-effective with our price-busting boiler protection packs.


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WashBall Scale and Corrosion Prevention
(4 reviews)
£9.98 £8.32
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CLEARANCE - Hydrocare H+2 Cleanser - 1 Litre
Special Price £7.50 £6.25 Regular Price £15.50
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Sentinel X100 Inhibitor 1 Litre
(5 reviews)
£14.34 £11.95
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Sentinel X200 Boiler Silencer 1 Litre
(1 review)
£11.40 £9.50
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