22 Ways to save money at home

Let’s face it, saving money is never easy, but there are simple ways to save money at home that will reduce energy bills throughout the year. It’s not just about being conservative about your central heating during the winter, but as we move into spring being sensible about water, lighting and home appliances will help to keep more money in your pocket. You’ll also be helping to save energy and do your bit for the environment.

We have collated the top ways to save money around the home and filtered them by the amount of money you could save each year. You might be surprised at how much some of the quick wins will save you and the changes are that simple you can immediately reduce your energy consumption in the home and start saving money straight away.

Nobody likes to spend money unnecessarily, but in many cases we are spending money and wasting a lot of money when we do not need to. This is common when it comes to home heating and energy use as money is wasted without us even realizing it.

So if you're looking for some extra cash with this know how you'll be able to pick up some tips and make some significant savings, whilst also changing your home heating spending habits. This extra cash in the bank may come in useful for Christmas, your weekly shopping list at the grocery store, or even credit card debt. So next time you're wondering why your heating bills are so expensive, take a look at this guide to find out ways you can save cash and have a healthier looking bank account.

Savings are based on a semi-detached house in England, Scotland and Wales

Quick Win Details Maximum Saving per year
1. Replacing your boiler - Not surprisingly, 55% of your energy costs each year are spent on your boiler. If you have an old boiler with no thermostat, you could save a massive £305 per year. Boilers last 10 years, so that is a considerable saving over that period and with our lowest price boiler being £407, it would take less than two years to pay for itself. Some modern boilers compared to very old boilers operate at a fraction of the cost. £305
YES 2. Switch your energy supplier - Most  of us know that if we change our car insurance supplier we can save some money. However not everyone knows that the same thing can be done with your energy supplier. If you have never switched your energy supplier, the chances are that you are paying more than you need to. In many cases moving to another supplier can save you a significant amount of money You'll be surprised how much money you can save, and you can shop around using price comparison sites £300
3. Solid Wall Insulation - Solid walls let out twice as much heat as cavity walls. If your home was built before 1919 you will probably have solid walls without any insulation. £270
YES 4. Stop flushing it away - Toilet  flushing represents about 30% of the water used in each household. Standard toilets use 7.5 litres or more each time. If you are on a water meter you could save money by fitting a flushKING dual flush valve to save about 3 litres every time you go. They cost just £10.88 and allow different levels of water to be flushed saving up to 67% over a standard mechanism. £211
5. Install a Smart Meter - You probably won't know the difference in 1 degree when it comes to how warm your home is, but your wallet will. Set up your thermostat today to start making savings! £150
6. Replacing your boiler thermostat and controls - If you do not have heating controls you are throwing money away. Being able to control the temperature of your home is a great way to knock down those energy bills. A full set of controls consists of a programmer, a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves. Mr Central Heating have a full range of controls and valves to fit all boilers and radiators starting at prices less than £10. £150
7. Roof & Loft Insulation - A quarter of heat is lost through the attic. Loft insulation will last for 40 years and will pay for itself many times over. £150
8. Cavity Wall Insulation - A third of heat escapes through the walls. Most houses that were built from the 90's will already have cavity wall insulation, but older houses may not. £145
YES 9. Tank, pipe and radiator insulation - It will only cost you around £15 to put a hot water tank around your hot water cylinder, but it will pay for itself in less that six months. Make sure all radiator pipes are also insulated for extra savings. £130
10. Insulating Windows - Installing energy efficient window glazing isn't cheap, but can have big savings on yearly heating bills meaning you save money over the long run. £120
YES 11. Change the way you pay - If you pay for your heating bills by cash or cheque switching to monthly direct debit could save you as much as £100 per year. Also try to avoid paying bills with your credit card, since the interest rate tends to be so high. £100
YES 12. Standby = Throwing money down the drain - You could be spending up to £85 per year leaving all of your appliances on standby. Turn those TV's, routers, Games consoles and other electrical goods off by the power button in the first place and make an immediate saving. Use energy saving plugs a switches to turn these electrical goods off when you know you will be  sleeping. £80
13. Floor Insulation - Sealing gaps in your floorboards with flexible sealing is a great way of saving money. £75
14. Is your Fridge Freezer A+? - Your fridge needs to be switched on all the time, so upgrading to an new A+ energy efficient model can save money on the running costs. £57
YES 15. Draft Proofing - This is something we can all do very easily. Blocking unwanted gaps in the home that let the cold air in is easy. The energy saving trust have a detailed guide of how to check for and block these holes. £50
YES 16. Use energy efficient bulbs - Replacing your light bulbs is quick and easy. Lighting accounts for 7% of the homes electricity consumption, so switching to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can help to save money. £40
YES 17. Do the dishes - Revert  to using a good old scrubbing brush and washing up bowl. Dishwashers take up a big chunk of your annual energy bills. £40
YES 18. Don't let the money run away - Use a washing up bowl to wash the dishes rather than leaving the hot tap running will save you money if you are on a water meter. £30
19. Chemical inhibitors - Protecting your boiler system will not only make it last longer, but make them more energy efficient. Corrosion can make your system 15% less effective, so protecting it will help to save you money. We have a wide variety of system protection products at low prices. £30
YES 20. Hang those clothes out to dry - Using indoor or outdoor lines will eliminate the need to use your tumble dryer and costs you nothing. It costs the average household around 45p per week to do two loads in the tumble dryer. £24
YES 21. Fix that dripping tap - It goes without saying that if you are on a water meter a dripping tap is going to cost you money. A new pair of taps costs as little as £10, but can save more than 5,500 litres of water each year.Our Taps start from just £10 per pair. £20
YES 22. Get an Eco Kettle - Each household will boil a kettle on average 1,500 times each year costing 2.5p each time. Upgrading your kettle to an ECO kettle will save you money. £8








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