Best Boilers: Worcester or Baxi boilers?

In the second of a series, Mr Central Heating will be looking at the most popular boiler brands on the market and comparing them so you get the best deal possible. This week we are looking at Worcester or Baxi boilers?

When comparing boilers it is not all about the amount of advertising a manufacturer does on the product it is about getting the best value for money and the best most reliable boiler. Worcester is a popular brand and they spend a lot on advertising and the price reflects this. They are also a leading brand and can charge a premium for the product. Mr Central Heating has always based our emphasis on delivering quality for everyone not just the customer that wants the most expensive product. This is where Baxi comes in with a two ranges of boilers that offer far more on warranty and reliability with a much more affordable price tag.

Worcester Junior 24 Baxi Duotec 24 Combi
Price £832.45 inc VAT£693.71 Excl. VAT £681.60 inc VAT £568.00 Excl. VAT. SAVE £150.85
Boiler KW Size 24KW 24KW
Fuel Used Natural Gas Natural Gas
Manufacturers Warranty 5 Years 7 Years
Height 700mm 780mm
Width 400mm 450mm
Depth 330mm 345mm
Boiler BTU Output 80000 80000
Sedbuk Rating A-Rated A-Rated
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The above table sets out the differences but the headline is just the affordability of the Duotec 24 and the fact that you get a 2 year longer warranty. This could add up to hundreds of ponds saving as the boiler is going to be in the later stages of its life. The Baxi is bigger but this is far better on existing systems and the Duotec is a very robust durable platform. The junior is a price conscious range and has been stripped down to be more affordable so losing some functionality whereas the Duotec is a stainless steel heat exchanger with all the latest technology.

The next boilers to compare are the premium ranges of each manufacturer and these are as below.

Worcester Greenstar 42CDI Classic Condensing Combi Baxi Platinum 40 Combi
Price £1615.18 inc VAT£1345.98 Excl. VAT £1156.80 inc VAT £964.00 Excl. VAT. SAVE £458.38
Boiler KW Size 42KW 40KW
Fuel Used Natural Gas Natural Gas
Manufacturers Warranty 5 Years 10 Years
Height 750mm 780mm
Width 400mm 450mm
Depth 360mm 345mm
Boiler BTU Output 143,000 136,000
Sedbuk Rating A-Rated A-Rated
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The above is a great comparison so do not be swayed by the size of the Worcester and its output the price tag is enormous for a boiler that will last exactly the same amount of time. The Platinum has another 5 Years’ worth of manufacturer’s warranty and saves over £500 on the starting cost. The Worcester because of its higher output will also use more gas and the hot water deliver is higher but it will not give a significant difference in flow.

So Mr Central Heating has done it again offering affordable boilers to the trade and public and taking the mystic away from buying a boiler so it is straight forward and transparent. It is one less thing to worry about when your boiler packs.

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