Why would i need an electric boiler?

When would you consider an electric boiler?

Electric Boiler Potterton Gold Electric Boiler

An electric boiler is rarely the first thought when it comes to buying a new boiler. In the UK we have a very established gas network that was updated from town gas many years ago to natural gas. So most people opt for a gas boiler and as gas is relatively cheap compared to other fuel types so running costs are a little lower, and in turn your energy bills can be a little less.

Because of this fact most households have access or close proximity to the mains gas supply. For these households there is a lot of flexibility in the type of boiler that they can install from the popular combination boiler (also known as the combi boiler) to the more traditional system boiler. In rural areas and where the network has not quite reached this is classified as off gas. Then the choice of fuel is limited to oil, solid,L.P.G and electric and typically these installations will use a form of condensing boiler.

There is obviously renewable energy, but it is still expensive in the domestic sector. Not everyone has access to the proper conditions to suit generating there own renewable heat or electricity.

So with this in mind, there are only two real consistent or popular alternatives. These are oil, L.P.G and electricity and the first although possibly more popular, the output from oil boilers and LPG boilers is dirty, finite and polluting. Another downside is that financially at least, the price of the fuel fluctuates on the market quite frequently. Households with LPG or oil boilers have to be tactical in terms of when you have your fuel tank refilled. At popular times of the year such as Christmas the price will go up as market demand increases.

The usage of LPG is growing and a real alternative to oil and the price is becoming more affordable, but it is a fossil fuel and you need to store it.

So in theory the only real future proof fuel for off grid is electricity, unless you are off the electricity grid, which is pretty unlikely. It is far easier to lay cables than pipes and the electricity network is far more extensive.

Historically you'd perhaps find an electric hot water heater in a flat or small apartment, with storage heaters for radiators and on an Economy 7 tariff which would operate overnight (on a cheaper energy tariff) to save some money when the kwh price was much lower. Today, a more modern implementation might include electric underfloor heating which is very popular in new builds. Sometimes these heating systems are installed alongside a wet central heating system in bathrooms and may be controlled using a separate thermostat just for that particular room.

An electric boiler is a great option as they are over 99% energy efficient and have no emissions compared to a regular boiler. They are also compact and easy to install and have lots of applications for using a wet system which is the most popular type in the UK. Also if you're really into energy saving and the environment you can even get environmental energy tariffs that use clean energy sources.

Everflo Unvented Direct Cylinder Everflo Unvented Direct Cylinder

An electric boiler can also be combined with an electric unvented cylinder like the Everflo 120 direct or Everflo 120 Indirect hot water tank. This will offer a heating and domestic hot water heating system that is ideally suited to our needs in the UK. These stainless steel hot water cylinders can be used to heat up and store hot water for your home.

Here at Mr Central Heating we stock and sell the Potterton Gold electric boiler range that has models from 4kW to 12kW including a 6kW, 9kW and 11kW. Although not a huge output it does allow the homeowner and installer to be frugal with the outputs that they require for the job.

The electric boiler can also be coupled together with additional electric boiler systems to provide increased output and a easy use Relay is an optional extra which allows you to do 1, 2 and 3 units. Great for a larger property where you require electric heating.

An electric boiler and electric central heating system is a great option for all types of properties and applications often include, granny annexes, outbuildings, loft conversions and swimming pools. Less pipework is also needed for the boiler installation since the fuel supply is electricity and all boilers require an electric source regardless. this means more space saving too.

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