Advantages of using water softeners

What are the advantages of using water softeners?

Water softeners are one of the most overlooked appliances in homes. Our habits in the bathroom have changed over the last few years and the way we wash is now predominately done via the shower.

The bath has become a luxury and not a necessity as the shower has developed into an all singing and dancing mode of washing. With the introduction of body jets, rain shower heads and thermostatic controls the shower is most peoples regular haunt.

Lifestyle changes have dictated the move and this has caused Combination boilers to become the most popular type of boiler sold on the market. This type of boiler gives you instantaneous hot water and does not require storage tanks. This is perfectly suited to the quick mode of washing that is the shower.

The fact that combination boilers do not store hot water, has slightly left the hot water copper cylinder redundant and also the water softener.

Water softnersWater softeners have their popularity in certain areas and for those that like a slightly better lather may shout the praises of water softeners. Unfortunately at Mr Central Heating we have found them to be a bit inadequate.

This is due to a series of disadvantages and trends as we have described above that are not helping with the sales and demand of a water softener.

One major downside is the fact that it takes working pressure from the incoming main, which in the world of a combination boiler or unvented cylinder (which is now really the only way to store hot water) is a real problem.

The advantages of a water softener is pretty obvious as it softens the water and reduces scale. It is also said to improve the lather and save on appliance costs that can scale up over a period of time.

With regard to heating appliances like combination boilers, scale can cause problem for the domestic hot water heat exchanger.  So a limebuster or scale reducer is required on the cold mains. This is not a water softener and merely changes the ions in the water in order for scale not to form.

Mini Water softenersWe do sell a mini-water softener which is the Fernox Quantomat which, in our opinion is the best way to soften water without having an impact on the water pressure that is often required by un-vented cylinders and combination boilers.

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