Packaging take back scheme.

Here at Mr Central Heating we’re trying our best to reduce our carbon footprint and make our customers aware of their environmental impact as unfortunately, the Heating industry is a huge contributor to carbon emissions in the UK. This is why we’re now offering our Packaging Take Back scheme, an easy and efficient solution for you to recycle your old packaging completely fuss free.

Just bring in any packaging from a boiler or cylinder into one of our stores across the country, and we will happily take it from you. This packaging, including cardboard, shrink wrap and polystyrene and we will use our in house team to responsibly recycle the waste. A hassle free solution you can free up space in your van with a simple drop off, and reduce your carbon footprint in one easy step.

Drop off at our store counter.

Bring in all your unwanted packaging to one of our stores and hand it over at the counter, we’ll take it off you right away ready to be recycled.

Click on the button below to find out where you closest store is.

Store counter

Collection on your next order.

We will also happily collect the packaging from a previous or current job when we deliver your next order, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of it yourself. Just have it ready on the day and we’ll take it away.