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As energy prices rise and more people than ever are slipping into fuel poverty, we wanted to fully support NEA and their work through our initiatives. We have become a member, pledging to assist the reduction of fuel poverty and boosting awareness of the issue.

Who are NEA?

National Energy Action (NEA) is a fuel poverty and energy efficiency charity, which was founded over 40 years ago when students at Durham University established a group of volunteers. Their experiences led them to realise there was a huge problem with people living in cold and unhealthy homes, suffering from fuel poverty.

Their vision is to end fuel poverty. They work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure that everyone can afford to live in a warm home by providing advice and support to those struggling, either directly or through community engagement projects. They campaign and advocate to ensure fuel poverty is a key issue that is considered in policy decisions, and they develop training to improve the standards of energy advice.

Who Are Nea

What is fuel poverty?

Fuel Poverty is becoming a bigger issue than ever, with recent energy price rises, low incomes and inefficiently insulated homes many people are being left in a situation where they're having to choose food or fuel. Growing rapidly, around 6.5 million UK households are in the grip of fuel poverty, unable to afford to heat their homes to the temperature needed to keep warm and healthy.

The impacts of fuel poverty aren't just financial. Cold homes can cause or worsen a range of serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, bronchits, and asthma. Each year, around 10,000 people die because of living in a cold home. Fuel poverty can also have a significant impact on mental health and is known risk factor for suicide.

6.5 million UK households are now in fuel poverty

3 important elements determine if a household is fuel poor:

Household income

Household income.

Stagnating wages and rising inflation contribute to low household income.

Fuel prices

Fuel prices.

The energy price cap, which keeps suppliers from setting their default tariff higher than a set amount, is largely determined by wholesale energy prices.

Household requirements

Household requirements.

Energy efficiency is a key driver of fuel poverty, as higher energy efficiency reduces a household's fuel costs for a particular size of property.

Since October 2021, monthly costs have increased by an average of 53%.

Mr Central Heating and NEA.

One of our main goals for this collaboration is to boost awareness of fuel poverty and what it means for the millions of lives it affects. As a provider of the heating products, we think it's our duty to support the cause. We will be boosting awareness of the issue, highlighting advice on how to reduce consumption of energy and suggesting products that save energy to help with NEA's mission.

How to help NEA.

How to get help with fuel costs.


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