Connecting home controls and heating with Google and Nest

Digital technology is available everywhere and it’s ready to help monitor and manage security and resource consumption in your home. Nest has some of the easiest to install and most user-friendly products. Online videos such as this, explain and demonstrate everything you need to know from opening the box to activating the product without damaging existing structures - i.e. your walls.

The Nest Secure home security alarm module can be installed by following these clear instructions, including how to activate the control app available at the Apple App or Google Play stores. The app will tell you precisely where to place each component for best and most reliable performance. You can name, detect, control and monitor all your Nest devices through the app installed on your smartphone. Add Nest products to your app list simply by scanning the QR code.

The Nest Hello video doorbell works with your existing chime doorbell. The video installation instructions are available on the web also, but Nest recommends you engage a professional installer for this job to avoid wiring problems. Once Nest Hello is operational, you can subscribe to Nest Secure to keep a complete video history from all your Nest video recording devices for up to 30 days. It can identify faces from photos stored in your smartphone - and Nest Hello can alert you on your google devices when someone’s at your door.

To install the Nest x Yale Lock this video will walk you through each step, including how to make full use of every feature and a list of the tools you’ll need. Since this product replaces both the existing lock and strike plate you might want to contact a Nest professional installer, but this instruction video is comprehensive and very clear. Note that you won’t be able to connect this lock to the app on your smartphone unless you also have Nest Connect or Nest Guard already in your account.

Set up the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor security camera indoors first, and add it to your Nest app on your smartphone. Next, you’ll install the outdoor cameras. Nest will tell you precisely how to choose the best spot, as well as any tools you’ll need to attach to wood, masonry, or metal -- and how to avoid structural and building code difficulties, including how to find a professional Nest installer if you need one . Once the cameras and software are installed you’ll be able to check the security of all entrances and your yard from your smartphone.

For your home, family and pets, the Nest indoor camera provides security and monitoring while you’re busy or away. With your Nest Aware subscription Nest Cam will live stream 24/7 to let you keep an eye on things from anywhere. Because it operates on your home’s main power, you’ll never worry about dead batteries.

To improve energy economy, the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat should be part of your toolkit. This thermostat turns itself down when you’re not at home and can be controlled from anywhere. It has a large, clear and bright face; keeps track of how much energy you use every day, and may be quickly and easily installed.

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