Loft Conversion? Don't forget your Boiler

Doing a loft conversion? Thought about expanding your heating and hot water?

With the pressure on space in most cities in the UK there is no wonder that there has been a massive growth in loft conversions. They are just not building enough family homes and in most cases old Victorian homes are much more desirable because of their character and build quality.

Older homes also have a loft space and roof slopes that are ideal to add in a dormer and create that perfect extra bedroom. Furthermore with the costs of moving and stamp duty it is no wonder that homeowners are opting to stay and convert, because it is just cheaper. Adding a new room and extra space to your home can also be the perfect way to add value to your home. Generally it is better to hire a loft conversion specialist for the job since it may be a difficult to achieve a high quality finish for a non-professional. This does add to the overall expense but it is normally worth it. Many companies will offer a free survey and expert advice to see if the loft conversion project is viable.

In most circumstances a loft conversion will impact on the heating and hot water systems as it will remove the space for tanks and increase the demand for hot water as if it is possible then an extra bathroom will be squeezed in too.

The tanks in the loft in a standard system are normally the cold water storage and the feed and expansion. Depending on the size of the property and the requirements then these can both be got rid of and a combi boiler installed that does not require any tanks in the loft and gives you instantaneous hot water. This is one of the most popular choices people make when carrying out a loft conversion to help provide a large space in the loft.

Some people may consider having additional radiators in the loft, connected to their main central heating system. Although traditional radiators are the most efficient in terms of energy usage, another popular option is to use electric radiators since you don't have to worry about installing pipework. As the loft is normally quiet a small room, this can work well.

Everflo Rapide Unvented Cylinders

If the property and the conversion are a bit bigger then you may want a storage vessel or un-vented cylinder. Megaflo style or pressurised cylinders come in a number of different sizes and use mains pressure and a steel tank to offer you a great shower or bath.

If the conventional boiler is old and tired then a system boiler in conjunction with a un-vented cylinder will give you a great system. In all cases you need to work out exactly what you require on the heating and hot water sides. Adding a radiator or bathroom outlet may increase your boiler size.

In contrast old boilers were often oversized and if you are updating and adding effective insulation to your home and loft as a bi-product of the conversion then you might find that actually you need a smaller system.

So you may be taking the roof off but there is never a better time to get everything else up to scratch. Loft conversions will present you with lots of work to do but it will be worth it as you will have a better insulated and heated home.  Plus if you use modern controls then it will be far more efficient.

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