Introducing the new customisable Bentley Choice TRV

Mr Central Heating has always provided a great range of Thermostatic Radiator Valves. They pair well with our customisable radiators and central heating systems. From the simple and classic to the more ornate and stylish. Our TRV's are great at controlling the temperature of the room and are self-regulating. A TRV offers a better performance when compared to manual valves because it can control the heat output from the radiator more effectively.


Over the years, the range of TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) has been somewhat limited. Until recently, all that was available was plain, white and plastic. Although in recent years, we have seen an increase in availability in designer valves, the colour choice has remained relatively stagnant. Often, TRVs get overlooked as a secondary accessory to a radiator. They have become more of a practical addition rather than something interesting or stylish. However, a TRV can completely change the look and feel of your radiator. It can greatly affect the impact it has on the overall décor whilst still providing great functionality. That’s why we’re excited to introduce to you to our latest addition to the Bentley TRV range.



Bentley Choice TRV - Turquoise Green


Welcome to the world of customisation

Mr Central Heating provides a huge range of beautiful radiators over the years. We have been able to provide our customers with different shapes, sizes, configurations, colours and finishes to suit all the different rooms in the home. Although we already stock a vast range of valves that perfectly complement our radiators, we haven’t had access to a more customisable option until now.

We bring you the Bentley Choice TRV – a beautiful, uniquely customisable valve, the first of its kind. Choose from two base valve body finishes; Silver Nickel or Chrome, and a range of coloured heads to either match your radiator or create a colour pop of contrast to add something a little different. It really is your choice.


Customise at home

The Bentley Choice valve works by switching out the top section (head). You can choose from any of the colours or finishes available. It’s a quick and simple job and comes with very simple instructions that even the most novice DIY-er can follow. It’s perfect for having different colour valve heads in individual rooms. The Bentley Choice valves are available in a selection of colours including; traffic red, jet black, signal blue and turquoise green. All of which, are a perfect accompaniment to our existing radiators. If you’re looking for more muted tones, they’re also available in all our favourite metal finishes including nickel, chrome, gunmetal and bronze among others.

If you’re not sold on our range of colours, you can use the raw brass finish to full customise your own valve at home. Get the perfect colour match, create a colour pop of contrast of go wild and design a completely unique, one of a kind pattern. Make sure to visit the website now for more information and how to purchase your completely personalised valves, the choice is yours.


Bentley Choice TRV


Have you designed your own Bentley Choice TRV? Come over to our Instagram and share it with us by using the #bentleychoiceTRV and tagging us @mrcentralheating. We will be sharing our favourites to our stories.