Replacing the Baxi Avanta Combi with a Baxi Platinum

Maybe it’s time for a replacement? Updating the Baxi Avanta and what we suggest.

People enjoyed the Baxi Avanta combination boiler for a few different reasons. The Baxi name being one, as a reliable and well known brand, Baxi adopted the range in 2013. Like many other Baxi boilers, they’re quick at converting and came with the inclusion of fixing frames and flexible flue options. It’s also very lightweight and has a simple and effective control system. However, many people who first had them installed a few years ago are looking to replace their Avanta or Avanta Plus in their existing central heating system and aren’t sure where to turn. Well, we’ve got a suggestion.

Having looked at the possibilities, we would suggest that replacement with the Baxi Platinum would be a great improvement. Although similar in a lot of ways and therefore not alienating to the customer, it is the sensible step if needing a new domestic boiler installed. Obviously, if you’re already using a combination boiler, you’d want to replace it with a combination boiler. One thing that would need to be checked is what the required output would be for your home, to ensure that the right amount of hot water is available for your needs.

The Baxi Platinum 33 combination boiler offers reliability, easy installation and high efficiency, making it a popular choice with householders and installers. With high flow rates offering superb hot water performance, this boiler is perfect for family use. Replacing a Baxi with a different Baxi boiler should ease the transition and will save you some money. The performance and energy efficiency is superior in the Platinum Combination boiler, but it should be very similar in terms of controls and usability. A great feature of the Platinum range is that it comes with a very generous 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

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