Central Heating Magnetic Boiler Filters

What do central heating magnetic boiler filters do?

During day-to-day use ­– building up over time – your boiler and central heating system will create sludge. This is produced from metal filings, limescale, dirt and debris that may be sat in the system right from installation.

You can combat the limescale by ensuring your system is dosed with an inhibitor, such as Hydrocare H+1 inhibitor.

A large amount of sludge is due to the corrosion of ferrous metals, like the inside of radiators.

A central heating magnetic boiler filter, fitted anywhere on your central heating flow or return pipe, passes the water across a powerful magnet and traps the ferrous metal sludge around the magnet. The magnet then holds the sludge, preventing it from passing through the boiler and reducing the risk of damage to internal parts.

Each time your boiler is serviced, the filter is isolated and the magnet is removed – allowing sludge to be washed out. The magnet is then placed back into the filter and the dosing point on the filter is used to top up the system chemicals again before refilling.

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