Megaflo - A perfect example of when a brand names becomes descriptive of a type.

To many people, when they look at an unvented Cylinder, they dont think "thats a pressurised hot water, unvented cylinder" and why would you? When one word can do the job of seven!

The word people use to describe them is a Megaflo, because they were the original cylinder and back when they had the market to themselves, the name stuck, and people got into the habit.

The truth is, lots of people are making a mistake asking for a Megaflo, as often, this is what you will be given, the high price of the Megaflo brand when there are literally dozens of brands out there. Brands such as Everflo and UVgold, which offer great value and huge savings on the Megaflo brand.

And whats more, you wont be compromising quality or warranty, just saving a lot of money!

Have a look at what each brand has to offer: