ADEY MagnaScale 15mm Compression Inline Scale Reducer

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The harder the water, the more minerals it contains and the more likely limescale is to build up. Designed for properties where water hardness is above 200ppm, MagnaScale protects individual appliances from damage, so that hard water isn’t a problem.

MagnaScale can be installed on horizontal and vertical pipework. To get the best protection from, it should be installed as close to the appliance as possible, without exceeding maximum operating temperature.

Key Benefits -

  • Immediate long-term limescale protection

  • WRAS approved

  • Designed to last ten years

  • No running costs

  • Manintenance free

  • Part L Building Regulation compliance

  • Easy installation - Compression slip socket design

  • Enviromentally friendly

  • Energy savings

  • 15mm connection

  • Maximum working pressure: 12 bar at 20°c

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1 Year (Subject to Manufacturers T&C's)
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