ADEY MC1 Protector - 500ml

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The high performance MC1 from ADEY, the makers of the market leader filter MagnaClean®, prevents both system corrosion and limescale deposition. Used for both sealed and open vented central heating systems.

The new, stronger formula has undergone stringent testing in ADEY’s accredited laboratory. It has been designed to provide better, stronger and increased protection. The  recommendation for dosing is one bottle per 100 litre system or up to 10 radiators.

  • Protects against corrosion and scale

  • Increased strength high performance inhibitor

  • Maintains heating efficiency

  • Treats 100 litres

  • High concentrate formula

  • Helps reduce heating and maintenance bills

  • For use in accordance with BS7593:2006

  • Suitable for all heating systems

Adey's new formula has been specially developed to deliver exceptional results when used in conjunction with ADEY’s best practice MagnaCleanse®flushing process.

Manufacturer Product Number
Manufacturers Warranty
1 Year (Subject to Manufacturers T&C's)
System use
Corrosion inhibitor
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