Baxi Ecoblue, What is it all about?

So you've heard that Baxi have released a new range, the Baxi ecoBlue.

Don't worry, its not to replace the much loved Platinum and Duo-tec models. Its been released to compliment its existing ranges.

If you are looking for a Baxi Ecoblue and cannot find one then do not worry! We have similar boilers here that are from the same brand and more suited to the one off installation market.

Mr Central Heating sells a lot of boilers and always sticks to a tried and trusted platform and it is often the case that we need to match supply to demand.

We cannot afford to be out of stock. At present the Baxi Ecoblue is not manufactured in the massive quantities that we would require throughout all our stores to be able to offer a good service.

We stock in volume for delivery at the best prices the more popular range from Baxi which is the Platinum Combi Boiler - 10 Year warranty and Duotec Combi Boiler - 7 Year warranty.

We also stock all the flues and accessories to complete the job and at the most competitive prices on the market. The Baxi Platinum comes with a standard a 10 Year warranty. The Megaflo System and Duotec Combi ranges come with a 7 year standard warranty.

The Baxi ecoblue can't be disregarded in any way, as it has a stalwart behind it in Baxi. However, the Platinum and Duo-tec models have long been an installers favourite. They have been the fit and forget, no call backs models they can rely on to put their businesses name to.

Baxi Customer Support Unrivalled Aftercare

Mr Central Heating believes the best value for money in a Baxi boiler, with a history of reliability is still the Platinum and Duo-tec models. Which are also fully compliant, A rated boilers with exceptional aftercare.

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