Boiler grants and are they any good?

Boiler Grants? Surely there is nothing better than a free boiler upgrade and making you home more efficient.

Likewise from a plumbers point of view there is nothing better than regular boiler changes which mean regular income. There are a few deals around but like anything in this world nothing is for free.

Boiler grants, check the small print. Check the small print!

As always check the small print but most of the boiler grants rely on funding from the government. This is passed down to the energy providers who then add it to your bills over a period of years. So in theory you have a mortgage on your boiler and hence what some companies everlasting boilers. The problem is like all loans or finance you will be paying it back and a whole lot more.

Here at Mr Central Heating the whole starting price of a boiler is really low. As long as you use one of our good regular fitters, check in at one of our stores to see who they can recommend. Then you should get a fair price for the labour. So the whole package is going to be a whole lot more affordable. We offer boilers starting from £479 , Heatline Capriz 24, so you may well get an install for under £1000. Ok so this is still a fair chunk of money if it is an emergency replacement but this will still be a better investment than using boiler grants. You will not be tied to a energy supplier and will not be mortgaging your energy bills.

Boiler grants,don't put all your eggs in one basket! Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

From a installers point of you it is great work but make sure you get paid as there seems to be often quite a delay and you at the mercy of a big corporate to get paid. As the phrase says, do not put your eggs in one basket.

So boiler grants are good if you can get a new boiler but do the maths because you may find that replacing you old boiler that is only 40% efficient and burning through you gas bills could just be replaced with a bit of pain now but will be well over 90% efficient so save you money over a number of years and it will be yours from the start.

Good luck with the maths and check any boiler grants contract, but if you want a quote or advice call one of our stores.

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