Discounts on combi boilers, exclusive sales on combi boiler packs and radiators

There are several good and inexpensive combi boiler brands on the market. These boilers are the most popular type of boiler in the UK because they’re economical and easy to install – and they produce instant hot water for central heating, taps or showers. Mr Central Heating has some of the best choices among combi boilers, including exclusive sales on combi boiler packs and radiators.

The lowest priced combi boiler in stock at Mr Central Heating is the The Heatline CaprizPlus 24kW. Priced under £410, this model is the perfect choice for a small to medium flat or house with two or three bedrooms and one bathroom. It’s compact and lightweight for easy installation and has user-friendly controls with a digital diagnostic display. It requires no additional accessories – and no flue.

Under £450 you might also consider the Heatline Capriz Plus 28kw condensing combi boiler, with Easy Pick Pack. Heatline’s Easy Pick Packs include a step by step guide listing everything you need to insure your boiler is installed correctly. All are excellent choices for a practical and economical heating and hot water solution.

A good deal right now is the Heatline Exclusive Sale CaprizPlus 24HE Combi Boiler Pack. With this pack Mr Central Heating offers you the best quality low cost heating pack anywhere. It includes 1 combi boiler, 1 Heatline flue, 5 radiators, 5 radiator valves, 5 lockshield valves and a free bonus – Evolve limebeater. It’s priced under seven hundred also. If you’re not ready to replace your boiler, the Heating First fix pack (no boiler) is a smart upgrade. Very economically priced, this pack includes a selection of high quality radiators and towel rails (7 radiators or towel rails of your choice), valves, system chemicals and limebeater.

If you’re looking for radiators only, we have a variety of choices among compact, column and towel radiators, and the valves and accessories you need. Mr Central Heating carries a full line of Revive quality compact radiators also.

Revive single premium, double premium and double deluxe models are all backed by the manufacturer’s 10 year guarantee. Revive horizontal and column radiators begin under a hundred, and towel rails / radiators begin under forty. All are in stock and our professionals are waiting to answer all your heating questions.

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