Electric Radiators Now Available At Mr Central Heating

Mr Central Heating is stocking electric radiators for the first time ever. They’re a modern, efficient and simple way of heating your home. Great for warming up less frequented rooms such as conservatories or loft spaces, they’re easy to install and cheap to run.

Do you have that one room in your house that no one likes going in because it’s cold and drafty? Well this could be your perfect heating solution. Electric radiators are an easy way to transform some of the less inviting spaces in your home into cosy and usable rooms. Here are a few pros of the addition of one in your home.

Electric Radiators are Easy to Install

They’re super easy to install. If you love a bit of DIY, this one could be for you. Many electric radiators can be free standing and just plugged in to a normal socket and off you go, but if you’re looking to free up some more space, they’re very easy to mount on any wall, big or small.

Speaking of freeing up space, another great plus of an electric radiator is the lack of pipes, valves etc. This is especially important in small space, as they’re not imposing and are more slim line than conventional radiators. This means that you can make the most out of the what is available to you. Today designer radiators such as energy efficient electric radiators are available in a range of different styles and shapes to suit your home decor.

Affordable Electric Radiators

They’re an affordable addition to a heating system. If you live in a larger house with higher ceilings, blasting all the radiators to keep one or two rooms hot seems counter productive, and in the long term will end up effecting your energy bills. Purchasing individual heating units such as electric heaters is a way of getting control back on your heating. Electric radiators convert 100% of the electricity used into heat, meaning that no energy is wasted. Therefore, these efficient radiators are perfect for topping up on those extra cold or windy nights, and only need to be used when required. Another benefit is that they do not need to be attached to your central heating system (if you don't want) and can therefore work independently to your wet central heating radiators. This is great if you just want to heat one room or area in your house and not rely on your full system.

Overall, electric radiators give you freedom. They don’t cost to upkeep and are extremely easy to install (and uninstall) meaning peace of mind and less hassle for you. They’re a great addition in colder and less used rooms and a great space saver when a bulky radiator isn’t necessary. Visit our electric radiator range to see what we have that will work for you.

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